Our History:
Be In Vision Pakistan was visualized as a prime vision in 2006 to serve the socio-economic sectors both nationally and internationally, while working in Pakistan along with their Pakistani partner institutions. It exists through a partnership between INGOs working in Pakistan and various private sector professionals who are devoted working towards a better world. Originally, Be In Vision Pakistan grew out of a loose network of professionals working in Pakistan ranging from legal to IT Sectors, in the early 2007, started to meet on a regular basis (every last Friday in the month), in order to discuss the practical details of establishing and managing programmes and projects in Pakistan. INGOs have focused increasingly on sharing information on their programmes and working together to improve the quality of their work and to ensure the effective execution of social sector projects.

Be In Vision Pakistan has approximately 160 members (in-country and overseas). We provide a variety of services in collaboration with the partner organizations, donors, government agencies, local communities and others concerned with legal reformations, poverty and underage working eradication etc. In 2008, the development of a strengthened partnership began between Pakistan Lawyers Foundation and Be In Vision Pakistan. This involved the establishment of a co-directorship and an expanded Steering Committee, enabling both the organisations to execute more effectively their own projects while supporting the work of other NGOs in Pakistan.

We have our Head Office located in Karachi, Pakistan staffed by one managing Chairman, one General Secretary, a Joint Secretary, and a team of 25 members along with numerous partners in various sectors around the country. In addition, there are a few international liaisons within the regions such as, UK, USA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA etc. working within the International Coordinating Committee (ICCOM) in accordance with the rules and policies (Committees) of Be In Vision Pakistan. We employ additional staff and volunteers on a needs basis.

Our Description:
Be In Vision Pakistan represents nearly 30 million People and Workers within socio-economic sector around the globe targeting almost every Social and Economic Cause. Our 401 member organizations operate in 172 countries and territories, from education to judiciary. As the largest Global Union Federation, and the only one representing Media workers in every corner of the globe, Be In Vision Pakistan unites all humanitarian workers no matter where they are.

One of the most promising NGO's I have come accross. Possess exceptional domain knowledge, socio-economic systems understanding and vision to serve humanity & Pakistan with a great difference..

Javed Haleem (Advocate)

Pakistan Lawyers Foundation