Child labor elimination is part of Trust’s educational program. That involves initiating, executing and running projects catering to education and technical trainings ensuring the source of income for the children above a particular age group while maintaining the economic existence and permanence of the family at the same time through financial support projects. These programs also include conducting awareness seminars and discussions at every forum and level. Further, for protection of children being exploited and compelled for labor, the Trust also works in coordination with the government and non government organizations while ensuring the basic legal and human rights of children.

Child Labour Eradication

Eliminating child labor involves redirecting the working class children in activities of education through technical schools and in some cases providing them with an opportunity of earning at the same time. These technical schools are educating the children with practical knowledge following a structured course outline. Every student gets the introductory session of the same level among which students of different tier are separated out in accordance of their interests and level of learning. Remuneration is awarded on the basis of regularity, class participation, highest score and Best behavior. Students are also given the pocket money for their expenditures and as an alternate for supporting their families and proceeding with their education.

Our Process
Our key services include the elimination of child labor and spreading of awareness among the masses. Beinvision Pakistan is a dedicated team working 24/7 for achieving this prioritized cause.

According to ILO (International labor Organization) one out of six children in the world today is involved in child labor. This clearly depicts the strong need for reformation of structures and providing support for eliminating child labor. Keeping the reference of this fact Beinvision Pakistan is completely equipped with all the strategies and work procedures for not only carving a way for these distressed children but also helping them build up their enlighten future.