Basic human rights protection as crisis management and its preservation through enforcements of laws in coordination with government organisations and institutions shall be one of the major objectives of the Trust. It shall include legal protection and guidance for legal procedures generally to all through awareness programs. This particular objective of the Trust shall be achieved through programs and projects aimed at securing the rights of consumers, employees, laborers, citizens, children, women and prisoners in particular. These programs may include but shall not be limited to Judicial assistance, corporate sector reformations etc.

Legal Services
Legal services explaining all the details of the pertaining law within the country and involving the foreign judicial for resolving cases and attaining results. These services will be offered to everyone who is in need of it..

Our Process
Lack of awareness leads to chaos and injustice in the society. Beinvision Pakistan works in all the domains of laws and provides legal assistance to all those in search of justice and uniformity. Acclaiming our vision we are determined in spreading the message for a cause through different interactive activities; so that legal assistance can be approached by every common man. We have a immense team of lawyers who are always ready to help people when they are in need and cannot afford legal expenditure..

Here we not only practice law we preach law. Our professional team is ever ready to assist, guide and help everyone in search of appropriate guidance.

Labor Laws Preservation
Ensuring the protection of labor, their right to speak and pertaining justice will be determined in the form of assistance and guidance for their rights.

Our Process
Non availability of income source is one of the major causes of Poverty, this leads to child labor, illetracy and many other extreme causes of a disrupt society. Be In Vision and its dedicated team leaves not loop hole to such issues and is obliged to provide Micro Financing to all those who can do to achieve success.

Media Rights Management

Representative belonging to any Media will be protected and will be ensured for rights in case of any crisis or issue. Media rights section involves the freedom of media and bringing out the truth for a cause.

Our Process
Media rights protection is managed under the dignified portfolio of Beinvision Pakistan by our specialized teams. People belonging to any media are given protection by our low cost services for all those who cannot protect themselves due to income constraints. We are here through the exquisite platform of Beinvision.

Consumer Rights Protection
Legal protection and guidance for legal procedures will be given to the consumers. Awareness programs for Consumer rights spreading knowledge about their rights and legalities will be conducted ensuring complete protection for the consumers.

Our Process
The right of consumer is the growing phenomenon in the extremely competitive markets. From mass production to the niche marketing more privilege has been added  for the consumers. But the fact is consumers rights are being exploited to much greater extent. Consumer’s rights are not only the most ignored but also the most understated agenda in Pakistan.

Consumers are not educated about their rights and hence have no idea how to fight for them. Beinvision Pakistan has taken the bold step concurring this dilemma, not only educating the consumers of their basic rights but also providing services for protecting them and bringing them in to action. The right to know, to be informed,  to choose, to decline, claim are all the basic rights of a consumer, which Beinvision Pakistan will make the call for action.